Bedknobs & Beanstalks Gay Fairy Tales Anthology

Bedknobs & Beanstalks

  • Jack and the Peenstalk by Clancy Nacht

  • The Rebelliously Single Prince by Lenore Black

  • Cry Wolf by Mercy Loomis

  • Kintaro by S.J. Frost

  • Ashes and Crystal by Jason Rubis

  • Handsome and Grateful by Kilt Kilpatrick

  • The King’s Honor by JL Merrow

  • The Merman’s Tail by Jay Di Meo

  • Swan Made by Mina Kelly


Fairy Tales

Erotic Romance Anthology

Edited by EM Lynley

Released October 2009

An erotic collection of m/m fairy tales!

Once upon a time. As children, those four words told us we were about to enter a brand-new world: scarier, happier, more enchanted than our everyday life. No matter our own particular expectations and experience with fairy tales, we knew we were in for a wild ride. Handsome princes would save beautiful damsels in distress and the ogres never got the girl.

Perhaps in our own stories, or in our own lives, we aren’t quite satisfied with those happily-ever-afters. What sound-minded prince would choose any of those air-headed bosomy blondes that populate familiar animated versions of the original, much darker, and more ominous tales made famous by the Brothers Grimm?

Not to mention, fairy tales were often used as bedtime stories.

Well, put all that behind you and prepare for a new type of fairy tale. Not only are they guaranteed to get you into bed. though not for sleep, you won’t find a single of those old-fashioned stereotypical characters.

Instead enter a world where a magic cock ring can grow into a mighty peenstalk, or an unhappy shepherd can meet the sexiest wolf imaginable. A Japanese youth with the strength of a bear finds himself weak in the face of a beautiful samurai, and a young man in a ball gown can charm a prince to distraction. These are but a few of the adventures that await you, once upon a time!

Available from  Kindle or paperback from Amazon, Ravenous Romance, and ARe,

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