The Interview

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Chase Richards avoided wearing suits whenever possible, but for the meeting tonight he was told it was expected of him. Reluctantly he’d complied, choosing his best suit, a Zegna that cost a couple thousand bucks, but he couldn’t wait to get out of the thing as quickly as possible after the damn meeting. That shouldn’t be a problem he thought to himself in the back of the cab on the way home to Mathias.

Mathias Tobler was lying on the couch, knees bent, reading, and he looked up eagerly when he heard Chase shut the front door.

“Hey,” Chase said with a grin. He settled next to Mathias and leaned down for a very long-overdue hello kiss.

“Oh, I must be dreaming,” Mathias said when Chase finally let him up for air. He reached for Chase’s tie and gave it a little tug.

“What’re you talking about?” Chase was just thankful Mathias wasn’t angry that he got back so late from the dinner.

“You know, it’s one of my fantasies to be bent over a desk and fucked by a hot guy in a four thousand dollar suit.” Mathias sat up and tugged Chase’s face close to his.

“Is that so? Tell me more about this fantasy.” Chase laughed and hoped he didn’t sound too drunk, because he really wasn’t, just pleasantly buzzed. And horny. Way too fucking horny, but this sounded fun. Mathias didn’t randomly start talking about his fantasies very often, and Chase wanted to make the most of it. And do whatever he could to turn that fantasy into reality.

“I’m sitting in front of the guy’s desk, like it’s a job interview….” Mathias started tentatively, and a look of slight embarrassment flashed across his face. He put his notes down on the coffee table, obviously playing for time. “And, well, he asks some very inappropriate questions….” A smile began to bloom as Mathias looked directly at Chase, no longer self-conscious. “And then does some even more inappropriate things to me.”

“So, Mr. Tobler, tell me why I should hire you?” Chase decided to turn the fantasy into a game. He went over to the dining room table and sat down. “Have a seat right here. I have a few questions for you.” He indicated the chair to his left, and Mathias laughed, then went and sat down.

“You’re serious?” Mathias asked, before turning the chair so he was facing Chase.

“So, are you a virgin, Mr. Tobler?” Chase ignored the question and stayed in character.

“No,” Mathias laughed. “You can call me Mathias. Mr. Tobler’s my dad or my grandfather.”

“Lovely thought.” Chase tried desperately not to laugh and ruin the mood. “So, Mathias, do you like cock? Because this position involves a lot of cock. My cock.” He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

“I love cock,” Mathias flashed a bright grin and his eyes sparkled like sapphires. Chase could see he was really getting into their role-play.

“What do you love about it?” Chase aimed for a businesslike tone—totally out of sync with the topic of conversation—making it all the more fun. Acting—playing almost any role—came so naturally to him, but now with Mathias, he had an outlet for the role-play that was fun, rather than using it as means for survival as before. The way he had at that unbearable dinner with his father’s buddies.

“Sucking it, for a start. I give great head.” Mathias’s mouth curved into a wicked grin.

Chase could barely wait to let Mathias put his money where his mouth was. “Now would be a good time for a demonstration of your skills.” He spread his legs.

Mathias got out of his chair tentatively and knelt between Chase’s knees, looking up almost shyly from under shaggy bangs. He reached up to palm Chase’s cock through the fabric of his pants with a look of determination that made Chase want him even more. Chase was hard before Mathias touched him, a few strokes from Mathias’s skillful hand had him moaning and nearly writhing. It wouldn’t do to let the job applicant see him so easily aroused, but he was ready to explode.

Mathias unzipped Chase’s pants and pushed his boxers down to free his cock. “You have a really beautiful cock, Mr. Richards.” Mathias grinned and admired it for a moment before he bent down to lick up and down the length.

“You have a very… talented tongue.” Chase moaned and trembled as Mathias’s lips and tongue caressed his cock. “I’m sure they’ll get along very well.”

Mathias’s huge hands went around Chase’s waist, pulling him in closer. Mathias’s mouth closed around the head of Chase’s cock, and he began to suck eagerly. Chase tangled his hands in Mathias’s hair while he relaxed back into the chair—not the most comfortable location for this, but he barely noticed—enjoying Mathias’s skills almost too much. He remembered that he needed to get Mathias onto the desk—this was supposed to be Mathias’s fantasy, not Chase’s.

With a gentle tug of Mathias’s hair, Chase attempted to get Mathias’s attention, but Mathias was too absorbed in his demonstration to notice. Chase tugged a bit more forcefully, and Mathias looked up, mischief dancing in his eyes, mouth still at work.

“This is a little unfair, don’t you think?” Chase asked. “Let’s see what you’ve got under the hood.”

Mathias used one hand to start unbuttoning his shirt.

“Not like that,” Chase remonstrated. “Get up and give me a good view.”

“Oh, yeah, okay,” Mathias said as he finally let Chase’s cock slip from his mouth, lips shiny-wet.

Mathias straightened then stood up, stepping back a few paces. Chase could see the outline of Mathias’s hard-on, and it made it him happy to see how much Mathias was enjoying this.

Slowly, Mathias began to unbutton his shirt, gazing at Chase with a mixture of shyness and playfulness that Chase found as arousing as the way Mathias had sucked his cock. Mathias still worked out religiously, and his body was proof enough of that. Every time Chase looked at Mathias or touched him, he realized how lucky he was to be with someone as gorgeous on the outside as well as the inside. But right now, Chase was more grateful that not only did Mathias have an incredibly hot body, but that he liked showing it off for Chase.

Mathias slipped his shirt off one shoulder, and Chase just watched, enjoying the view as Mathias peeled the garment off completely and tossed it to one side.

“Beautiful,” Chase said, eyes taking in the well-muscled chest and torso, thinking about running his hands over that body, licking and sucking at the brown nipples. “Lose the pants now,” he added in an authoritative tone.

Mathias bent his head as his hands went to his belt, but he looked up at Chase with that sly smile. His fingers fumbled with the belt, taking their time while Chase squirmed involuntarily in the chair, waiting and wanting more of the game, more of Mathias.

When Mathias had unbuckled his belt, he pulled it slowly out of the belt loops, tossing it in the direction of the discarded shirt. Chase noticed how the heavily muscled chest made Mathias’s waist look even slimmer, and how without the belt, his jeans slipped low onto his hips. God, Chase wanted to run his fingers along those hipbones and blaze a trail with his lips down the faint trail of hair that disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. He was pretty sure Mathias knew exactly what he was doing to Chase at this point.

Mathias unbuttoned his jeans, and as he began on the zipper, Chase realized Mathias wasn’t wearing any underwear. It made him wonder who had started the game after all, but as soon as Mathias’s jeans slipped down his hips, pooling at his ankles, Chase didn’t care. Mathias was hard, his cock long and thick and dark. With one hand Mathias stroked himself, his other hand moving lower to cup his balls. Completely unaware, Chase mirrored the motion with his own hand.

God, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Chase’s entire body was on fire. He hadn’t realized that now he was still fully clothed while Mathias wasn’t just naked, but on display for him, teasing him.

“Just how badly do you want this job?” Chase nearly groaned, trying to get his mind back on the roles they were playing.

“Pretty. Fucking. Bad,” Mathias said, drawing the words out so they sounded incredibly obscene. Chase thought he could come just from listening to Mathias’s voice, and his hand tightened slightly around his cock.

“You think you can work for me, follow my directions?” Chase asked suggestively.

“Yeah, I can… take orders from you.”

“Then come here,” Chase said sharply, and Mathias complied, stepping carefully out of his jeans and walking slowly and gracefully to stand in front of Chase, his cock practically in Chase’s face.

Chase pushed Mathias back a few inches and stood up. His pants and underwear slipped down his hips. As they did so, his cock poked out between the shirttails. Chase ran his hands along the soft smooth skin of Mathias’s chest, enjoying the contrast with the hard muscle it concealed, letting a thumb brush against one nipple and relishing the way it made Mathias’s body shudder as a tiny groan escaped Mathias’s mouth. Chase let his hands wander lower, taking a firm grasp on Mathias’s cock, loving the moan that Mathias couldn’t contain. He stroked once, roughly.

“Well, Mathias, you have a pretty impressive cock, too, don’t you?” Chase asked.

Mathias seemed to be speechless as he looked down at Chase’s hand wrapped around him, and he just nodded.

“I’ll bet with a cock like that, you’re the one doing the fucking,” Chase commented, and again Mathias nodded. “So, let’s see if you can follow instructions. Turn around,” Chase said, and as he let go of Mathias’s cock, he took hold of one shoulder, and in one smooth move, he had Mathias bent across the dining room table.

Chase ran his hands along Mathias’s back and ass, fondling more than caressing him, appraising his anatomy like he was at a livestock auction. Beneath him, Chase could feel Mathias shudder and groan at the slightly rough treatment, and he smiled as he thought about what he was going to do next.

“Yes, you’ve got a sweet ass, too, don’t you? I’ll bet my cock’s gonna like that as much as it likes your mouth,” Chase said in a mildly threatening tone.

“You mean you’re gonna fuck me?” Mathias asked, in mock concern, or so Chase thought.

“Are you going to tell me you won’t follow instructions?” Chase asked, just to be sure.

“Are you gonna fuck me into this desk, hard and rough and so deep I won’t forget it?” Mathias asked hopefully.

“Yeah, that’s what I was planning,” Chase said, thrilled with the way Mathias had told him exactly what he wanted.

“Oh,” Mathias said, sounding as if the thought both excited and worried him, and Chase knew he was just getting more into the game.

Chase pulled a tube of lube from his inner breast pocket and set it down on the table near Mathias’s hip. He spread Mathias’s legs farther apart, squeezing and fondling his ass roughly, treating his balls much more delicately, but still not quite lovingly. Mathias wanted to get fucked, and Chase was more than happy to oblige. He slicked up the fingers of one hand with lube and began to prep Mathias, gently at first, then more roughly as Mathias grew louder and more aroused and desperate.

Chase was really looking forward to this. Mathias usually topped, and that was more than fine with Chase, because as he’d said, Mathias’s cock was not only a thing of beauty, but he sure as fuck knew how to use it. But tonight Chase was excited about the chance to fuck Mathias without a condom. They’d decided over the summer that they were ready for that step, taken all the tests twice, and there was no doubt that they were exclusive. Just the thought of pushing into Mathias with no barrier between them got Chase even harder—if that were actually possible.

“I thought you were going to fuck me,” Mathias said almost petulantly, as Chase slicked more lube on his aching cock. He leaned forward and grabbed a handful of Mathias’s hair, pulling Mathias’s head around slightly so their eyes met.

“I’m the one making the decisions around here, don’t forget that!” Chase told Mathias, hand tightening as he pushed himself unceremoniously into Mathias, enjoying Mathias’s gasp of surprise and delight as much as the pleasure that shot through his entire body just from entering Mathias’s tight heat and feeling it squeezing around his cock in a whole new way.

Mathias was groaning and pushing back against Chase as Chase fucked him roughly into the smooth, cool surface of the highly polished table. They’d purposely bought a table that could withstand something like this, not some delicate piece of wood that would shatter under the sort of sexual antics they’d both planned. This just happened to be the first of what would undoubtedly be many similar encounters.

Chase was still wearing his suit jacket and hadn’t even loosed his tie, and he was burning up. The buttons were probably digging into Mathias’s back and the fabric was probably scratchy against his naked skin. It was an odd sensation, being mostly dressed and not feeling Mathias’s skin directly against his own, while his bare cock was pushing hard and deep inside of Mathias. Chase just concentrated on those sensations as he listened to the remarkable sounds he was drawing out of Mathias.

“Can you come when I tell you?” Chase grunted between thrusts when he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Yeah, now, soon, please?” Mathias groaned in reply, his hand reaching beneath his body to wrap around his cock.

“Right… now,” Chase gasped as his orgasm overtook him, and he grabbed onto Mathias tightly. Under him, Chase could hear Mathias coming and felt the spasms around his own already overstimulated cock squeezing even more ecstasy from him as he shot hot and hard deep inside of Mathias.

Still lying on top of Mathias, Chase wished he hadn’t come at the same time as Mathias after all. He wanted Mathias to experience the amazing sensation of feeling Chase’s come shooting inside him, the way Chase finally had as Mathias came. This time Mathias was probably too preoccupied with his own orgasm to notice the wondrous feeling, but next time Chase topped, he’d remember to do it that way.

They were both breathing hard, Chase gasping for air, chin digging into Mathias’s back.

“Well?” Mathias asked, craning his head around to try and catch Chase’s eye.

“Well what?” Chase asked, in parody of their conversation after the very first time they’d made love, when the roles—and the words—were reversed.

“Did I pass the interview?” Mathias asked, reminding Chase of their game.

“Oh, yeah. You’re hired,” Chase said, completely exhausted. He stood up and flopped back into the nearest chair, nearly tripping on the pants and boxers that were still tangled around his ankles.

Mathias straightened up, turned, leaned down again between Chase’s knees and lovingly untied and removed his shoes, then his pants and shorts. Next, he helped Chase out of his jacket, tie, and shirt. Neither of them spoke a word, just enjoyed the quiet intimacy as Mathias carefully undressed Chase.

“You wanna come to bed now… Boss?” Mathias asked softly, adding that last little reminder of their game.

“In a minute,” Chase said. “I was just wondering how long you’ve had that fantasy, since you never mentioned anything about it before,” he inquired.

“Oh, from about the time I saw you walk in the door wearing a four thousand dollar suit a little while ago,” Mathias said with his million-watt smile. Then he leaned in and kissed Chase, and Chase decided he was the luckiest man in the world, and he’d never, ever let Mathias Tobler get away.

* * *


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