A Lesser Evil

A Lesser Evil by EM Lynley



M/M Fantasy-Paranormal Erotic Romance

From Total-E-Bound

E-book: 25,000 words

Cover by Posh Gosh



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4 Sweetpeas from Mrs.Condit


Rowan McCall is about to start a new phase in his painting career with a one-man show at a prestigious San Francisco art gallery. His moment of triumph is snatched away and Rowan’s life changes forever. Left alone and suicidal, Rowan is determined to do anything to get his life back on track. He strikes a deal with an angel who’s all too willing to help him. Then Rowan discovers Tur’el is anything but an angel—he’s a demon. But he’s just desperate enough to go ahead with the bargain.

Zethan, Rowan’s guardian angel, arrives too late. In order to save Rowan’s soul, Zethan makes a deal of his own with Tur’el. With his sight restored and possessed by Tur’el,Rowan searches for Zethan on Earth.

Rowan is obsessed with capturing Zethan’s angelic beauty on canvas. When he meets a mortal who embodies the same beauty, Tur’el and Rowan are overjoyed. But finding Zethan again may prove deadly for all of them.


At Total-E-Bound


Available from Total-E-Bound, Amazon, B&N and All Romance eBooks 



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