Well-Hung by the Chimney

Well Hung By the Chimney

A Christmas Bonus

by EM Lynley

30k Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance Novella


A Ravenous Romance All M/M Christmas Novella Collection

edited by Lori Perkins


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Alec has a week to close a big takeover deal or lose his job, so when the buyer, Brant Linton, heads off to a tropical island for the holidays, Alec has no choice but to follow. But Brant’s sister has forbidden any business during the trip and Alec is forced to pretend he’s Brant’s boyfriend. Until business turns pleasurable in EM Lynley’s THE CHRISTMAS BONUS.

Best-selling author Ryan Field brings back Lance and Nathan, two high school lovers who reunited on Christmas Eve, as they now explore their new relationship a year later and find the true meaning of Christmas in THE CHRISTMAS GIFT.

And finally join Alec and John, the military pilot and doctor from Chloe Stowe’s FOREVER BOUND, as they dance through another holiday of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” in FOREVER BOUND WITH TINSEL.

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Excerpt from A Christmas Bonus (also available as a standalone novella)

“Tell us about when you and Brant first met.” Ellie gave an indulgent grin. She was as caught up as anyone, but Brant still wondered if at some level she was testing out their relationship.

“Of course I already knew who he was. Everyone in New York does,” Alec smiled and threw Brant a charming lovey-dovey look before turning back to Ellie. “I had wanted to meet him, but the first time he spoke to me, I could barely speak. He completely overwhelmed me. I couldn’t believe he was even more attractive and more fascinating in real life than I’d imagined. And I couldn’t wait to see him again.” Alec’s gaze shifted to something on the table and Brant thought he might have seen the tiniest hint of a blush on Alec’s cheeks. He’d played the part perfectly and hadn’t actually told any straight-out lies or invented something too fantastic to be believed.  Hell, Brant would have thought they were in love.

“I think it’s just about bedtime, ma chatons,” Henri said to a chorus of disappointment from the twins. “Alec must be very tired from his journey. You will have plenty of time to grill him during the rest of the trip.”

The kids were sent off to bed, and Ellie gave Brant a look implying he ought to hurry up and get Alec alone. Brant recalled his own exhausted first evening and knew despite Alec’s seemingly bottomless energy, the time difference and jet lag would soon catch up hard.

“Right, we’re heading upstairs, too,” Brant said, torn between the idea of spending the night with Alec, which he’d already admittedly thought about, and worrying he might seem too eager to his pretend boyfriend. But Alec had played up the coy banter earlier, so Brant played along. “Before Alec’s too tired . . .”

Alec had the good sense to look slightly embarrassed, but he slipped his hand into Brant’s, tangling their fingers, which shot sparks through Brant’s body. He certainly didn’t need that.

Upstairs, it only got worse. The bedroom was small, the bathroom as well, so Alec undressed in the middle of the room. Brant pulled off his own shirt and tossed it on the dresser and glanced over to see Alec folding up his shirt and shorts. He was still wearing his boxer-briefs.  Brant only half averted his eyes, enjoying the view. Brant usually slept nude, but knowing how he’d already reacted to Alec, it wasn’t a particularly good idea, not unless he wanted their pretend relationship to turn a lot more genuine.

Alec washed up and brushed his teeth thoroughly as Brant folded his own clothes, so as not to appear like a slob compared to Alec. By the time Brant finished in the bathroom, Alec was under the covers in bed, propped up on one elbow, watching and waiting.

They hadn’t spoken since they had come upstairs and Brant felt uncomfortable. What was Alec expecting? How far did he want to go? There was only one bed and he’d already gotten in. Brant glanced toward the armchair in one corner.

“There’s room for both of us in here,” Alec said, his cocky grin indicating he was enjoying Brant’s discomfiture. Alec held up the sheet, giving Brant an inviting look at his body. All of his body: Alec has slipped out of his shorts and was nude. Brant blinked, debating, hoping his own cock wouldn’t react to the sight of Alec’s.

“The chair . . .” Brant half-mumbled.

“Do you really want to spend the night in the chair? Alone?” Alec’s gaze bore into Brant.


Alec ruffled the sheet again. “Problem solved. Don’t worry. I can keep my hands to myself. If that’s what you want.”

That wasn’t what Brant wanted, not at all. Brant wanted Alec’s hands all over him, but it wouldn’t do to actually say that. Would it? On the other hand, as long as Alec was willing, who would it hurt?

Brant slid between the sheets, and Alec settled back onto his side of the bed, his thigh brushing up against Brant’s, sending the already familiar electricity straight to Brant’s cock and burning deep into his core. Had it been accidental or was Alec waiting for Brant to make a definite move? Brant turned away slightly as he reached toward the lamp on the bedside table and clicked it off.

When he turned back, Alec’s head was on the pillow and his eyes were closed. In the now-silent house, Brant heard slow, deep, even breaths. Alec was already asleep.

Problem solved. Brant found himself slightly offended Alec had drifted off to sleep so easily, but at least it postponed having to make a decision one way or another about what to do with Alec.

Was he actually contemplating some casual fun? That’s how things had started out with AK. But Alec wasn’t AK. And this wasn’t a relationship. Alec wasn’t here for fun; he’d come here to get Brant to agree to a deal. For all Alec’s charm and playfulness, he’d followed Brant to Taha’a for work, not for Brant.

Alec’s beautiful face, his gorgeous, desirable body, and the undeniable spark between them meant Brant would have to be even more diligent than usual. At least that’s what he kept reminding himself as he too began to fall under the spell Alec had already cast on the rest of the family.

Available from Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and B&N.

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