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Brand New Flavor (Book 1)

Delectable Series

Contemporary gay romance featuring characters in the food and wine industries: chefs, culinary writers, winemakers, ice cream artisans, among others. Each book is a standalone and can be read in any order, but there is some overlap of characters.

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Italian Ice (Book 2)

Precious Gems Series

“Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone — only gayer”

Trent Copeland, gay romance author, and his FBI-agent partner Reed Acton travel the world to apprehend smugglers of art and artifacts, sometimes quite unintentionally.

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Rewriting History Series

Contemporary gay romance with a mystery/suspense set in the art world, featuring Tobin Wyler, museum curator and his lover, Pierce Worthington, a jewel thief who’s motivated not by money, but by his conscience.

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