Venus Envy

Venus Envy



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When Sancus, the Roman God of Loyalty, finally meets a mortal with whom he desires a real relationship, he can’t pursue Aurelio because he’s under a curse… Or is he?

Sancus, Roman God of Loyalty and Honesty, snubs an advance from Venus. Furious, the Goddess of Love convinces Cupid to cast a curse on him, causing Sancus to be attracted to every hot guy he meets. In fact, he can’t say no.

During a week of almost nonstop arousal and sex, Sancus meets Aurelio, a mortal that he desperately wants to see again, but until the curse is lifted he fears ruining any chance for a real relationship. The only way to end the curse is for Sancus to untangle the finely woven threads and discover that it’s actually a love spell…


Super steamy sex scenes, clever introductions of the lesser-utilized Roman Gods in fiction, this was a story that had a bit of everything: a mystery to unravel the spell, the potential of a new relationship and pop culture are wound together. E M Lynley has managed to interject emotions and humor into a wickedly clever and sexy tale.”–Gaele, Jeep Diva


Copyright © EM Lynley, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Excerpt From: Venus Envy

Venus noticed Sancus from across the room in the ancient library. It was hard not to. He was by far the most delectable thing in the dusty old place, yet she hadn’t had a taste of this particular Roman god. How could she have let him elude her all these centuries? She watched him for a few minutes, deciding the plan of attack. She noted how the golden edge of his toga slid up along his well-built calves as he strained muscular arms over his head to retrieve archaic volumes from the upper shelves.

How quaint and old-fashioned he was, unwilling to give in to the new technologies available to both gods and mortals in the twenty-first century. Sancus’ demeanour, dress and attitude were positively prehistoric. Still, he’d make a fine conquest. It was his body she craved, not his intellect.

She slinked over to where he stood at a tall bookcase scanning the volumes he’d collected, obviously looking for something in particular.

Venus stepped to within a foot of Sancus and breathed in his clean, citrusy-masculine scent. Mmm, he smells heavenly. Not like those dirty, sweaty agricultural gods of whom there were far too many. They reeked of earth, manure and all manner of disgusting farm animals, and she found them distinctly unappetising. But Sancus, now he was in a class of his own.

As the God of Honesty, Loyalty and Contracts, and somewhat of a legal expert as gods went, he mediated disputes between the deities. Refined and civil, he certainly wouldn’t paw at her in a dark corner or, worse, in front of a roomful of drinking buddies. He was known as a skilful and considerate lover, and rumours abounded about both his endowment and his repertoire of intriguing lovemaking techniques. His past partners said he had a cock as beautiful as his face and body, and in Venus’ opinion, both were exquisite.

Sancus would be a delicious conquest.

He didn’t turn around as she approached, though he tilted his head in her direction, indicating he knew of her presence. He still didn’t turn even as she got within a couple of feet. She closed the gap farther, only inches away from him now.

“Mmm.” She inhaled deeply again. “Sancus, can’t you think of something better to do than read?” she cooed into his ear.

“I’m in need of a volume on…” He continued to peer at the shelves, not bothering to turn towards Venus.

He should be able to smell—taste—her excitement. Arousal pooled between her legs as she moved closer, enjoying the heat from his body radiating through her thin, gauzy, almost translucent gown. Her nipples peaked, a pleasant ache that propelled her forward. She pressed herself against him, fitting her curves against the delicious contours of his back, enjoying the feel of his flesh through the sheer fabric.

“Hello, Venus.” He stared at the titles on the shelf in front of him. At least he knew who had come up behind him. An excellent sign.

“Sancus,” she purred into his left ear. She moulded her body snugly against his, imagining the corded muscles of his arms wrapped around her, his strong legs intertwined with hers as they made love on her bed—or, better yet, on one of the desks here. She didn’t want to wait to get home, at least not for their first encounter. They could get to the bed later.

Sancus stepped forward half a pace, breaking contact with Venus when he reached for a volume on an upper shelf.

“Let me take your mind off those dusty old books, Sancus.” Her voice held an unmistakable invitation. How can he not jump at the chance?

“I don’t have time for that right now, Venus. I’m on a deadline.” Sancus didn’t even look towards her when he spoke.

However charmingly dedicated to his work, this was a bit much, she thought.

“In that case, I can take a rain check for a more convenient time. Or, better yet, let me help?” She took the book from his hands and brushed her breasts against his arm. Heat pulsed through her from the slight contact. Why had she not pursued him sooner?

“Venus.” He turned to her.

She fixed her gaze on his unbelievably green eyes and released an involuntary moan as her pulse quickened. She wanted to caress his gorgeous cheekbones, run her fingers through his long, wavy blond locks.

“I’m just not that into you,” he said and turned back to the bookshelf.

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