Wicked Good: M/M Angels & Demons Anthology


Wicked Good

Gay erotic romance anthology

Edited by EM Lynley

Contributors: Kiernan Kelly, Mychael Black, Jay Di Meo, Crystal Bay, Martin Delacroix, Taylor Lochland


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The concepts of good and evil have fascinated us for thousands of years. Who isn’t attracted, even tempted, by what we know we shouldn’t have or do? If we’re good, the bad boy is all the more exciting. But if we’re bad, we love the idea of bringing one of the good ones along with us for the ride.

When it comes to love and sex, all bets for any sort of restraint are off.

With angels and demons, the stakes―and the rewards―are even higher.

So polish your halos or horns, and let have some wicked good fun.


Demonlogy 101 by Kiernan Kelly
Roger is a Hunter, raised from birth to hate all demons. His mission in life is to seek and destroy them, but Xyle, a gorgeous, BBQ-loving demon, threatens Roger’s entire belief system and teaches Roger a lesson about tolerance and love he’ll never forget.

Involuntary Deceit by Mychael Black
Saen is a fallen Grigori, a Watcher angel who interfered in the lives of mortals and now lives as a human must. His existence, aside from work and his best friend Nathan, is a lonely one. Then he meets Ely, an enigmatic man who takes him to new heights Saen’s never seen before. When the answer comes as to why Saen’s so drawn to Ely, however, it might be more than Saen can handle.

What We Carry With Us by Crystal Bay
The decision of a single mortal is all that stands between Hell and victory – a victory in the battle against Heaven that will bring the Apocalypse. Lex is a demon sent to help push this mortal towards Hell’s side, only to find that the angel watching over this human is someone he once knew intimately, in the time before he fell from grace.

Angel Levi by Martin Delacroix
Levi’s been an angel for two thousand years; he runs God’s errands. Levi lives on Earth, he looks just like a mortal (though he never ages) and he works in the receiving department at Walmart.

In his mortal life, in ancient Jordan, Levi was a promiscuous gay man who scoffed at romantic love, and God punishes Levi for his sins. While Levi can have sex with many gay men in his angelic life, he cannot not fall in love, ever. If he does, God says, Levi will burn in Hell for eternity.

When handsome Hector de Sousa comes to work in Levi’s department at Walmart, the angel is smitten. Hector is receptive to Levi’s advances, but will Levi face eternal damnation if he pursues Hector’s love? Is it worth the risk? Does Hell even exist?

Fallen Guardian by Taylor Lochland
Mitchell has terrible luck in love. Rehlar was once Mitchell’s guardian angel, but is now his guardian demon. One night, while Mitchell is sitting on the balcony of his apartment building feeling sorry for himself, Rehlar appears to him. Mitchell is smitten, and soon finds himself in a romance. However, love between a guardian and a charge isn’t quite accepted in the spirit realm. Is their bond strong enough to withstand resistance from both Heaven and Hell?

Suriel’s Sword by Jay Di Meo
Suriel, a warrior angel, is sent on a mission to retrieve a dangerous crystal that has the power to corrupt the dead into Hell’s undead minions. His partner is the demon Arioch, to whom Suriel finds himself irresistibly drawn. The angel fights the temptation, but eventually surrenders to his desire. Discovered by the heavenly host, Suriel is branded as a sinner, and told that if he gives in to temptation again, he will be banished from Paradise. Suriel must choose whether to remain in Heaven and lead the only life he knows, or follow his heart and go to Arioch.


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