Polynesian Sun, Sugar-sand Beaches and Sex: this is one Christmas Bonus you deserve! (#newrelease #mmromance)


Under the Polynesian sun, business turns to pleasure. This is one Christmas Bonus you deserve to give yourself this year.

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the brand new 2nd edition of A Christmas Bonus (35k novella)

What happens when business turns pleasurable?

AChristmasBonus_300Alec Compton’s dream job at a Wall Street investment firm is on the line if he can’t close a make-or-break takeover deal by the end of the year.

The buyer is none other than world-renowned billionaire and corporate raider Brant Linton, recently named one of the hottest and most eligible gay businessmen. Electricity crackles at their first meeting, and Alec’s thoughts drift far from business, despite his distaste for Brant’s business practices.

When Brant takes off early to spend Christmas with his sister’s family on the exclusive French Polynesian island of Taha’a, Alec has no choice but to follow if he wants to get Brant to sign on the dotted line. But Brant’s sister has forbidden him from conducting business during the holidays and Alec must masquerade as Brant’s boyfriend lest she find out what they’re really up to.

Then business turns into pleasure, but neither Brant nor Alec know whether the other is there for the deal, or for something more personal, in EM Lynley’s sizzling holiday novella A CHRISTMAS BONUS.

Just in time for the holidays. Whether you’re enduring yet another snowstorm or subzero temps, or whether you spend the holidays in the balmy Southern hemisphere, you won’t have another Christmas like this.

I’m trying something new this time around, and this novella is only available from Amazon and can be borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.

The second edition includes an additional 5000 words from the 2010 first edition.

Grab your copy today!



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