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Join me for a little backlist bump today.

“Venus Envy by EM Lynley is a short, hot, sexy fun read with a satisfying twist that should’t be missed, and is highly recommended.” — Mrs. Condit Reviews Books

One of my favorite stories is probably my least-read title (it joins A Lesser Evil for selling fewer copies than my age). It’s actually heartbreaking when a story I loved writing doesn’t get noticed at all.

If you like urban fantasy and a little big of magic, you’ll enjoy this one. Ancient Rome meets popular culture and the lines between past, present, and a little humor.

I’m trying a new feature of embedding a book preview. Unfortunaltey there is all that publisher bumf at the front, but skip past it to get to the first chapter. And don’t worry, even though there are some women in here, it as all male/male and lots of it.

When Sancus, the Roman God of Loyalty, finally meets a mortal with whom he desires a real relationship, he can’t pursue Aurelio because he’s under a curse…or is he?

Sancus, Roman God of Loyalty and Honesty, snubs an advance from Venus. Furious, the Goddess of Love convinces Cupid to cast a curse on him, causing Sancus to be attracted to every hot guy he meets. In fact, he can’t say no.

During a week of almost non-stop arousal and sex Sancus meets Aurelio, a mortal that he desperately wants to see again, but until the curse is lifted he fears ruining any chance for a real relationship. The only way to end the curse is for Sancus to untangle the finely-woven threads and discover it’s actually a love spell…

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