An Extra Helping of Gingerbread


I got so many emails from people who wanted to read more about Alex and Kevin from Gingerbread Palace, I wrote a little follow-up story. Only it ended up being about 60 pages long.

If you loved the story of  bakery owner Alex Bancroft and firefighter Kevin Flint in Gingerbread Palace, the story continues in An Extra Helping of Gingerbread, another 60 pages of more fire and even more spice between these two! Though you may still be craving more.

Even if you didn’t read the original, there’s still plenty to love in the follow-up tale, and you  may find yourself hungry for the beginning of their story.

You may also enjoy other stories from the Delectable Series, all standalone stories that can be read in any order.


Kevin’s mother had been watching from the door. She was wearing the green-and-red-checked apron she had worn every Christmas Kevin could remember. It couldn’t possibly be the same one. She must have replaced it over the years. Her almost perpetual knit-brows telegraphed her concern as she watched Kevin make slow progress toward the house. She probably never had a moment free of worry with everyone in the family a cop or firefighter. He’d never thought much about it before today, but when he got to the door a smile curled around her mouth as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Glad you’re home. Come on in. We’ve got dinner waiting.”

Kevin took a step over the threshold, his mom’s hand on his arm. Nicky and Tommy were behind him. The place smelled fantastic. Turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie. There was even a fire roaring from the fireplace in the living room.

“It feels like Christmas. Smells like Christmas.” Kevin gritted out a smile as the exertion of getting into the house swept over him.

“We waited till you could join us so we could all celebrate together.” Kevin’s mom planted a kiss on his cheek as he stood in the doorway between the hallway and the living room, teetering on the crutches. Everyone was there, even his dad.

“Merry Christmas, Kevin!” the whole group shouted. Everyone came up for a hug and a greeting. Kevin was dizzy by the time it was over and all he wanted to do was flop onto the couch and not get up for a year or two.

The tree still twinkled. They didn’t go in for big gifts, except for their mom. They already exchanged gifts in his hospital room the previous week, but there was one tiny box wrapped in reindeer paper still under the tree.

“Do you want Christmas dinner or your present first?” his mother asked.

“Mom, you didn’t have to go making a whole dinner for me.” But he was glad she had. Thrilled, in fact. The hospital food was awful. He might have starved if it hadn’t been for Alex bringing him food after their first official date on Christmas Eve. He missed Alex already, but he’d had to be at the bakery today for a discussion with some insurance adjustors.

“It wasn’t that much work. I had some help,” his mother said, jarring him back to the present.

“Really? I hope it wasn’t Lena. She can barely boil water.” He chuckled.

Lena gave him a gentle punch on his good arm. “I learned how to boil water. I only burn it now and then.” She grinned because she really was the worst cook in the family no matter how hard she tried. The guys in her firehouse wouldn’t let her touch the chow.

“Not Lena,” his mom replied, her tone teasing.

The door to the kitchen swung open and out strode Alex, wiping his hands on an apron festooned with Christmas trees. “Merry Christmas, and welcome home.” He reached up to put his arms around Kevin, then stopped.

“I don’t care what my dad thinks,” Kevin said, glancing toward the couch where his dad sat.

“Me neither. I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’ll tell you if you do.”

Then Alex put his arms around Kevin and gave him a soft kiss, earning cheers and some applause from his crazy family. Suddenly he understood how his brothers and sister had felt when they’d brought prom dates or steadies home and been teased or embarrassed mercilessly by their siblings.

It was kind of fun being on the receiving end for a change. Having someone who wasn’t scared off by his family, who stood his ground and made his affection for Kevin clear to everyone and anyone.

He kind of had a real boyfriend for the first time in his life.


* * * *


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An Extra Helping of Gingerbread
An Extra Helping of Gingerbread
**Donations from this story go to Family Builders, an organization helping LGBTQ foster kids finds safe, loving homes. Alex would like your support for this real-life organization** Bonus follow-up story to Gingerbread Palace. More of Alex and Kevin, with plenty of extra heat and lots more spice! 61 pages, PDF only.
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