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All stories posted here are male/male erotic romance and contain material not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

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One Marine, Hero – 4 chapter sample — A decorated Marine helicopter pilot meets a fashion reporter when he’s offered an after-dinner blowjob at a White House event.

The Interview –NSFW — Mathias is asked to do some very inappropriate things at this “job interview.” A full-chapter excerpt from Hostile Takeover.

An Intoxicating Crush — SAMPLE 1 – 7,600 words. Austin Kelvin doesn’t expect to find more than a bed partner when he meets Simon Ford. He was thrilled when their sizzling casual sex turned more serious, until Simon’s real motives come into question and Austin isn’t sure who he can trush.

An Intoxicating Crush — SAMPLE 2 – NSFW – Some fun and games at Austin’s pool.

Dirty Dining–NSFW–11,000 words. Jeremy’s a grad student who’s always short of money. When his fellowship gets canceled he’s tempted to take a job at a men’s dining club as a serving boy. The uniforms are skimpy and he’s expected to remove an item of clothing after each course. He can handle that, but he soon discovers there’s more on the menu here than fine cuisine. How far will he go to pay his tuition, and will money get in the way when he realizes he’s interested in more from one of his gentlemen?

Sands of Thyme–NSFW–11,000 words–This vacation was not Burke Williams’ idea, but when his sister bought him a vacation at a gay resort, he had no choice but to hop on the plane and go. All the men on lounges seemed so similar to a gay bar. How could he choose a man based on appearance alone? Then he saw a man looking at the water and sky through binoculars, sometimes writing in a notebook. Now Burke was intrigued.

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Precious Gems Series Samples

Rarer than Rubies sample (PDF)
Book 1: Rarer Than Rubies 3 Chapters– (29 pages/10,000 words) Download PDF of the first three chapters of the first novel in the Precious Gems Series. Gay romance writer finds adventure with a mystery man in Thailand while hunting for a lost Ruby Buddha. “Indiana Jones” meets Romancing the Stone, only gayer.
Available Qty: 343
Price: $0.00
Italian Ice sample (PDF)
Precious Gems Book 2: Italian Ice 6 Chapters (39 pages/15,000 words) Download PDF Trent and Reed end up in Italy in search of antiquities smugglers, and find they’re up against something even more sinister.
Available Qty: 571
Price: $0.00



Spaghetti Western Sample PDF
Spaghetti Western Sample PDF
Cordon Bleu-trained chef Riley Emerson arrives in Aspen, Colorado for a summer at the best restaurant in town, only to discover his jerk of a boyfriend has dumped him, leaving his heart and his plans in tatters. Doubting himself and longing for a change of pace, he takes a low-paying position at the Rocking Z guest ranch, though he expects nature up close and personal won’t hold a candle to his exciting Paris lifestyle. When born-and-bred cattle rancher Colby Zane spots a newcomer being pawed at by a passel of horny cowboys at Aspen’s Club Rawhide, he rushes in, throws the guy over his shoulder, and rescues him. Sober, Riley Emerson is sweet and sexy, but not interested in more than a one-night stand. Still, Colby’s over the moon when Riley later arrives as the new cook on his family’s ranch.
Available Qty: 564
Price: $0.00
Bound for Trouble Sample Chapters
Bound for Trouble Sample Chapters
A gay erotic BDSM thriller. When FBI agent Deke Kane is tasked to take down a drug dealer with terrorist ties and a taste for the dark side of BDSM, his only chance to get close is the suspect’s interest in Ryan, a former rent boy trying to go clean. Deke convinces Ryan to become a confidential informant. In return, Deke offers Ryan immunity from his past. As Ryan falls under the drug lord’s domination, Deke finds himself falling for Ryan.
Available Qty: 476
Price: $0.00
Pineapples and Chocolate PDF
Pineapples and Chocolate PDF
Ben’s late-night grocery shopping is for much more than food. After spotting a tall, dark and fuckable guy with decidedly better eating habits than his own, Ben wonders if their chance encounter in the produce section will leave him satisfied or hungry for more.
Available Qty: -6840
Price: $0.00


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