Firefighters, Christmas, Gingerbread & Donations for #LGBT Foster Kids

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Cover by LC Chase

Cover by LC ChaseChances are you like at least three! Treat yourself to something hot and sweet this holiday season. And if you’ve already read Gingerbread Palace, please pick up a copy of “An Extra Helping” to support LGBT foster kids.


Sparks fly when a sexy chef meets a firefighter with a secret

Who wouldn’t fall for Alex Bancroft, a chef who creates an amazing gingerbread house each year to auction off for an organization that helps LGBT foster kids? When Alex’s bakery burns down right before Christmas, the firefighters of Station 7 offer to help. For firefighter Kevin Flint, Alex sets off all his sensors and the result is combustible.

A week before Christmas, Alex Bancroft’s bakery goes up in flames. When he runs back inside after a dog, firefighter Kevin Flint has to rescue Alex—and Quincy—from the smoldering building, endangering them and inflaming Kevin’s resentment.

Now Alex can’t create the elaborate gingerbread house he donates to a foster-kids charity each year. Fire Station 7 again comes to his rescue, offering their kitchen and their manpower.

Everyone but Kevin Flint, that is. A third-generation firefighter, he’s fearful of stepping too far out of the closet. So when his powerful physical attraction for Alex ends in a sizzling secret encounter in the firehouse, Kevin can’t push Alex far enough away, and Alex returns the cold shoulder.

After a change of heart, Kevin risks his life to prove he’s worthy of Alex’s affection, but without a Christmas miracle, their chances at sweet romance might go up in smoke.

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Supporting Family Builders with An Extra Helping of Gingerbread

If you loved the story of firefighter Kevin Flint and bakery owner Alex Bancroft in Gingerbread Palace, the story continues in An Extra Helping of Gingerbread, another 60 pages of fire and spice between these two that may still leave you craving more.

extracover200x300During my research for Gingerbread Palace, I discovered the startling statistics about how many LGBT foster kids end up on the street or in unsafe, abusive homes. I made up an organization called “Home Sweet Home” for the book, but I later found out that a very real organization called Family Builders exists to do exactly the same thing.

I wrote An Extra Helping to continue the story of Alex and Kevin, and decided to donate the proceeds from sales of this story to Family Builders. I hope you’ll pick up a copy of that story too, and support this wonderful organization!

Please pick up a copy of An Extra Helping of Gingerbread and help support LGBT foster kids find permanent accepting families.

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More about Family Builders:

Family Builders believes that every child has the right to grow up in a permanent, nurturing family regardless of that child’s age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or medical, physical or emotional condition. Family Builders educates the community about the needs of waiting children, advocates on their behalf, and places children with permanent, secure families through adoption, and other forms of permanence. Family Builders’ goal is that no child will leave the foster care system without a permanent, loving and caring parent.

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