Even More Delectable? The Series Continues (#poll #mmromance)

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It’s amazing to realize the Delectable Series has eight stories, including the two bonus editions. Though each one is a standalone, there are a few characters who cross into other stories briefly. I’m thinking it might be time for more interaction between the couples. What characters would you like to see meet in a future story? Who would you like to know more about?

Leave a comment with your “dream scenario” for a cross over or an aspect of food and/or wine that you’d love to read about. I’ll choose a winner to get their choice of Delectable Series book, or if you have them all, you can choose another from my bookshelf.


Don’t forget, the royalties from An Extra Helping of Gingerbread go to Family Builders, an organization that helps LGBTQ foster kids find safe loving homes. It was inspired by the issues I learned about while researching the foster care system during the writing of Gingerbread Palace.




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