Call for Submissions: Gay Fairy Tales

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(m/m fairy tales 5-15k)
Edited by EM Lynley

Send all submissions, queries and questions to

I’m putting together a revised and expanded version of my very popular gay fairy tales anthology, BEDKNOBS & BEANSTALKS, first published in 2009.

I have room for a few new stories in addition to the originals, so if you love writing fantasy, this is a great chance for you. Let’s see some dragons, knights in shining armor, dudes in distress, princes and sorcerers. Let your imagination go wild.

I’m looking for original fairy tales or a twist on a traditional tale, but with a gay slant. Here’s your chance to spice up some childhood favorites in a way you’ve never seen before, but always wanted to tell the story! Feel free to use non-European tales as a base. Here are a couple of great resources for inspiration:,, and

All stories must have an erotic romance element, with a preference for romance over pure erotica. That means there should be a relationship between the characters beyond merely a sexual one. The sex should have emotion and I want to feel that along with the characters. These are fairy tales so there should be HEA or HFN, whichever is more appropriate for your story.

The key factor I’m looking for is chemistry between the partners beyond the sexual attraction. I’d like to see the makings of a romance.

Transgendered and bisexual characters welcome!

NO: underage sex (18), bestiality, non-consensual sex, necrophilia or scat/water play.

DEADLINE: October 31, 2013. Rolling acceptances, so earlier is better. If you can’t make the deadline contact me to discuss.

LENGTH: 5k-15k. I’m looking for full stories with engaging characters and containing beginnings, middles and ends. It’s hard to do that well under 5k. I’m more flexible on the upper end of the range. Please polish your story before sending!

HOW TO SUBMIT: Send the story as an RTF attachment, and include a 1-page summary/synopsis (with all the twists and the ending).  Make sure your real name and pen name is on each document and NAME THE FILE with your name and story title.

Example: RapunzelNeedsAShave_Lynley.rtf

Your cover email should contain:  your name, the name and length of your story and a 1-2 paragraph summary of the story. Please also include a short bio including previous publication experience, if any.

PAYMENT: Royalty split between authors and editor.

EM Lynley writes for Dreamspinner Press and Total-E-Bound, and has edited anthologies for MLR Press and Ravenous Romance. Lynley’s previous anthologies include: GOING FOR GOLD (2012 m/m Olympic theme from MLR Press), BEDKNOBS & BEANSTALKS (m/m fairy tales), WICKED GOOD (m/m angels and demons), and RUMPLED SILK SHEETS (f/f fairy tales). Contact her online:

Send all submissions, queries and questions to

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