Emerald: Rewriting History

Tobin Wyler is about to open the most significant exhibit in his career as a curator, and everything is going perfectly until he spots his former boyfriend chatting with his most important contributor at the black-tie reception. It goes from bad to worse because not only did Pierce Worthington once break Tobin’s heart, but he’s suspected of being the elusive art thief known as Jaguar, and Tobin knows his target is the highlight of the exhibit: an enormous emerald known as the Green Sorrow.

Pierce is torn about seeing Tobin again under these conditions. He is expected to obtain the emerald, but he knows it may damage Tobin’s reputation. What Pierce doesn’t expect is how quickly old feelings about Tobin rise to the surface. Hoping to ease Tobin’s fears and spend time with him, Pierce offers to let Tobin keep a constant eye on him for the 36 hours leading up to the exhibits opening.

Thrown together again out of necessity laced with attraction, Tobin must figure out how to protect the emerald, his reputation, and his heart.

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