Even More Delectable — quickie poll!

Jun 18, 2013 by


Now that Delectable book 3 An Intoxicating Crush is all done and galley-proofed, I’m turning my attention to future Delectable books. Who would you like to see as a main character? Please take my quickie poll. Feel free to write in an answer or leave a comment.

An American who goes to Japan to become a sushi chef? A private chef who wants to do more than cook for his employer? A chef who discovers he’s somehow falling for the Gordon Ramsey “fix-it” reality chef who’s brought in by the restaurant owner? Or would you like to read more about a couple in one of the earlier books in the series?

How about a combination of two characters listed in the poll? The possibilities are endless, which is why I need your help to focus my ideas.

[Leave a comment to be entered to win the e-book version of a title in the series]

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