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Venus Envy by EM Lynley

When Sancus, the Roman God of Loyalty, finally meets a mortal with whom he desires a real relationship, he can’t pursue Aurelio because he’s under a curse…or is he?

It’s been a busy month so far, with the second release in two weeks. This novella is another story that’s very dear to my heart. I absolutely love Greek and Roman mythology and have done a lot of reading and research on ancient Rome. It seemed a natural fit for me to try my hand at a story featuring a sexy Roman god. I quickly hit on an idea of him being under a spell or curse which made him do things he didn’t want to. I had much of the story planned before choosing which god would be the main character.

I was thrilled to discover Sancus, the Roman god of loyalty and honesty. He has no Greek counterpart, so he’s relatively unknown in the modern era. The word sanctity derives from his name, which gives you some idea of what he represents. Thus Sancus was perfect for my god who could stop chasing after hot guys, because it’s so opposite his true nature and duty.

The curse also wrecks his love life and threatens his opportunity for a relationship with a mortal named Aurelio. You’ll have to check out Venus Envy to find out how Sancus figures out how to end the curse…

(Venus Envy was originally published in 2009 by Cobblestone Press. The second edition is about 50% longer than the original, with several more scenes and more super-hot sex.)

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Sancus, Roman God of Loyalty and Honesty, snubs an advance from Venus. Furious, the Goddess of Love convinces Cupid to cast a curse on him, causing Sancus to be attracted to every hot guy he meets. In fact, he can’t say no.

During a week of almost non-stop arousal and sex Sancus meets Aurelio, a mortal that he desperately wants to see again, but until the curse is lifted he fears ruining any chance for a real relationship. The only way to end the curse is for Sancus to untangle the finely-woven threads and discover it’s actually a love spell…

Available NOW from Total-E-Bound. [Amazon and other links will be added when released to distributors.]

Available NOW from Total-E-Bound. [Amazon and other links will be added when released to distributors.]
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